• Hitler’s Suite at Hotel Dreesen, Bad Godesberg

    A visit to Bad Godesberg and interview with Fritz Dreesen On my way in Bonn, where I had the opportunity to speak to Chancellor Dr. Konrad Adenauer for a very short period, receiving his autographed photograph through the cordiality of his Secretary Ministerialdirigent Herr Selbach, I decided to go to Bad Godesberg/Rhein, to the Hotel Dreesen, where Chamberlain and Hitler signed the treaty which proved so fatal to the entire world. It was here that Chamberlain was fooled by Herr Hitler – “PEACE IN OUR TIME.” The owner of the Hotel, Fritz Dreesen, gave me permission to occupy the suite where Hitler stayed from 1926 on; the Hotel later became…

  • Prince Louis Ferdinand

    Three Hohenzollern, three S.A. Men! On March 1934 the German Ex-crown prince Wilhelm let himself be photographed at the castle Caecilian-Hof with both of his sons. At that time Hitler was in power for a good year. The ex-crown prince (middle) on this occasion was wearing the uniform of motor- S.A.- man, Prince Hubertus (left ) the uniform of “Sturmfuhrer ” (Com.commandant with the S. A.) Reserve I and prince Friedrich (right) that of ” Oberscharfuhrer ” of the Reserve I. The sons were holding a higher office (order) than their father. The picture was published of the son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the crown prince together with his 2…

  • Interview with Gemmeker at Westerbork

    Maurice Frankenhuis spent the post-war years after the liberation researching and documenting the war. In 1948, he obtained permission to go back to the Westerbork camp in the Netherlands, and to interview its Commander, Albert Gemmeker, still being detained in prison prior to sentencing. Frankenhuis published notes from his five-hour interview together with many photographs taken while the camp was operating, and upon his return. It was published in English and Dutch.

  • Published Photographs

    Photographs and narratives from the Frankenhuis Collection contributed to The Holocaust, The destruction of European Jewry 1933 – 1945, published in 1968.