• New Film based on Frankenhuis Interview with Gemmeker at Westerbork

    Film Clips from ‘Gemmeker’ A half hour docudrama film based on the self-published story of Maurice Frankenhuis’ interview with the Westerbork Commander Gemmeker. Premier screening at the Westerbork Camp Remembrance Center on September 13, 2019. This date is exactly 75 years after the last transport from the camp. Frankenhuis Interview with Gemmeker Film Description Excerpt Portions of the original footage filmed at Westerbork of the deportations were restored and colored using the latest technologies. The result is a realistic depiction that audiences today can visualize the imagery is not dated as in black and white film from long ago and is more relatable. See video below some footage of the…

  • Interview with Gemmeker at Westerbork

    Maurice Frankenhuis spent the post-war years after the liberation researching and documenting the war. In 1948, he obtained permission to go back to the Westerbork camp in the Netherlands, and to interview its Commander, Albert Gemmeker, still being detained in prison prior to sentencing. Frankenhuis published notes from his five-hour interview together with many photographs taken while the camp was operating, and upon his return. It was published in English and Dutch.

  • Catalog of World War I Medals

    At the age of 25, Maurice Frankenhuis published his Catalog of Medals relative to World War I, describing with photographs the largest private collection in the world which he assembled and then subsequently donated to the British Museum and the Kadman Museum. It was published in English and in Dutch. It is considered to be the most comprehensive reference work of medallic issues related to World War I. Catalog of Medals Relative to the World War 1914 – 1919 by M. Frankenhuis Some of the World War I Medals donated by M. Frankenhuis to the British Museum are found on the museum’s website. World War I Medals referenced in the…

  • Published Photographs

    Photographs and narratives from the Frankenhuis Collection contributed to The Holocaust, The destruction of European Jewry 1933 – 1945, published in 1968.