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New Film based on Frankenhuis Interview with Gemmeker at Westerbork

Film Clips from ‘Gemmeker’

A half hour docudrama film based on the self-published story of Maurice Frankenhuis’ interview with the Westerbork Commander Gemmeker. Premier screening at the Westerbork Camp Remembrance Center on September 13, 2019. This date is exactly 75 years after the last transport from the camp.

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Frankenhuis Interview with Gemmeker Film Description Excerpt

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Portions of the original footage filmed at Westerbork of the deportations were restored and colored using the latest technologies. The result is a realistic depiction that audiences today can visualize the imagery is not dated as in black and white film from long ago and is more relatable. See video below some footage of the original which was used above.

The full original Westerbork film (1944) is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register containing the only existing images of the transports: