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Exhibit of Hitler Medals

Maurice Frankenhuis collected medallic tributes of Adolf Hitler as important evidence within the scope of the historical narrative. His coin show exhibits of ‘Arch-Enemy No.1’ in the 1960’s drew the attention of onlookers, and he eagerly spent his time and energy speaking about the evils of Nazi Germany and the lessons of the Holocaust, educating people about the dictator who plunged the world into war and orchestrated the systematic extermination of the Jewish people and other minorities. His exhibit banners declared:

“One killed is murder – Millions killed is statistics.”

‘This was not War – This was Murder’.

Exhibition at the McAlpin Hotel, New York, Nov. 1 -3, 1968
with a display case of Hitler medals and plaques
Maurice Frankenhuis, second from right, conversing with exhibit visitor
Coin World article about Hitler and Nazi medals from the Frankenhuis Collection