Diaries and Memoirs

Get Out

Later in the history books, people will probably read that it was maybe a minority of the Germans who wanted war. But I want to tell these people: do not believe it. I know. Read my books, circulars, diaries. This is the real thing and – Maybe? – the historic books are fairy tales, a distortion of the facts in the years 1933……
And I should like to tell this to my people and their offspring. If there ever is a persecution again, when a minority is treated again as an inferior individual, it is the duty of every responsible person to… get out… clear out… And if it is not by air…then by express train…and if not by express train… then by bus. And if not by bus….walk. And that if this is impossible, get out on your knees…Get out…..

Excerpt from Frankenhuis Collection, Diary Volume 1 “Hiding Us in the Hague”