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Justice Hans Hofmeyer

Letter to German lawyer in charge of first Auschwitz trial.

1914 – 1918 1939-1945


April 7, 1964

To his Excellency Hon. Justice Hans Hofmeyer
Frankfurt a/M

Respectfully, Your Honor:

The Press is daily reporting the essence of the trial in Frankfurt of the twenty-two defendants charged with homicide and unheard inhumanity at Auschwitz-Birkenau committed about twenty years ago. These reports engage the attention of civilized persons everywhere and arouse their revulsion at the sworn recital of savagery by them and the entire establishment. They are true symbols, which resulted in the satanic obliteration of about six million European Jews, of which approximately twenty-five percent were tender children and infants.

It has been my life-work to gather mementos of all kinds from World War I (1914-1918) and of World War II (1930-1945) and it is recognized by experts that I possess the most complete collection which now exists. At a later date, if our Father in Heaven wil permit, I intend to publish a full description of events and actions bearing upon the above with graphic and authentic photographic display.

When German troops, unfaithful of its solemn pledge to observe the neutrality of the Netherlands, foully invaded the same on May 10, 1940, I was a citizen thereof. From this moment of perfidy, every man, woman and child of Jewish faith was imprisoned and promptly deported to extermination camps. Officially, I have been informed that 110,000 were transported to the latter and but 5,450 were returned and about 105,000 were mercilessly annihilated. At my disposal are official figures indicating that at peak days in the prison camp of which Commander Rudolf Hoess was Chief Warden, 17,000 human beings were gassed daily and 8,000 were deposited in death-pits after having been slain by clubbing, bayoneting and shooting. EVERY DAY. Precise records show that during May, June and July, 1944 at
Auschwitz-Birkenau alone, 1,300,000 living people were exterminated.

During this period of such impossible-to-believe events, I was first in hiding but soon thereafter imprisoned and immured, together with my family, in concentration camps. That we succeeded in survival, was due to Mercy from Above. Only those who suffered during this unparalleled holocaust, such as I, can reasonably judge and resolve an opinion. Despite emotional description, no one else can possibly do so. It is my sincere belief that the German people are collectively responsible for both this barbaric massacre and the indescribable tortures that preceded it. In my own personal knowledge of the treatment of Jews in the Netherlands, where I lived, not one week passed during the hated occupation that the former, Individually and communally, were systematically tormented, insulted publicly, humiliated and robbed by German officials, Gauleiter-induced or individuals imbued with sadism and cupidity because bestiality engenders greater bestiality.

How is it possible that a nation that was the leader in World Culture, scientific research and educational advancement could have succumbed to, obeyed, followed blindly and whole-heartedly supported a disgruntled corporal of the first World War, with a poor record of military ability, when they knew distinctly and clearly his ambitions as portrayed in the infamous “Mein Kampf”. If only half of the financial resources, man power, medical experimentation on expendable human guinea pigs and deliberate waste of potential brainpower, were utilized for studied research to remove physical malignancies, the cause and cure of cancer would have been the inevitable result and instead of the reviling maledictions of mankind, the German people would have earned, as long as our planet will remain, the plaudits and gratitude of mankind.

Penitential lip service after defeat is worthless, and worse, it may be hypocritical. All the wealth of the accumulations since the commencement of the psychozoic Age cannot make reparation for one human life snuffed out, much less than that of six million. But when I read that yesterday in your Court of Equity and Justice spectators rioted and shouted with intense indignation at learning the depths of cruelty and lack of the minimum humanity on the part of their former leaders, I am reassured that a dawn of a new world exists for all mankind.

Respectfully yours,